BUS 4505 - Global Macroeconomics for Managers

Ivey Business School: HBA Program

The objective of the course is to strengthen students’ understanding of the macroeconomic environment in which they will operate as managers. The macroeconomic environment is global as countries’ economies become increasingly interdependent.  The course is designed to support Ivey’s mission to train managers with a global perspective and the skills to manage in a global context.


On June 15, 2015, the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning to win the National Hockey League (NHL) Stanley Cup. It was the Blackhawks' third league title in six seasons. In previous years, the off-seasons immediately following Stanley Cup victories had been challenging. The general manager was typically forced by the NHL's salary cap to change key components of the championship rosters. In late June 2015, the situation differed from in the past. Two superstar forwards were locked into identical eight-year contracts worth US$10.5 million per year beginning July 1, 2015. However, significant macroeconomic events around the world had unfolded rapidly, specifically in Canada and the United States, where the NHL operated. How would these macroeconomic forces shape the future of the NHL and the Blackhawks?

- featured in Globe and Mail: April 11, 2018. "Fall of Blackhawks dynasty a lesson in macroeconomics," by Paul Attfield.

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